One of the most popular nootropic drugs on the market – Noopept, a brain booster, is a product that can improve the cognitive functions of the body. It is much more effective than other performance-enhancing substances. When used regularly, it supports the functioning of the central nervous system and makes you feel better. How does it work, to whom it is recommended, and what does it contain?

What is Noopept?

Noopept contains two amino acids. The compound performs similar functions to one of the first drugs of its kind – Piracetam, but its properties are 1000 times stronger, which makes it more likely to be chosen by people who want to achieve optimal performance in the shortest possible time. Within a few tens of minutes after consumption, the drug is transformed into cycloproliloglycine. After the very first dose, the concentration of the nerve growth factor increases. Plasticity between the neurons is stimulated and synaptic cell activity is increased. This improves the exchange of information. Acetylcholine is also stimulated, which is reflected in improved memory function. The neurons become more sensitive to the substance.

The reason for using the compound is confirmed by tests that indicate its regenerative effect in case of post-traumatic cerebral vascular failure. The prototype (Piracetam) was not effective in this case. In vitro studies of the hippocampus in people with cognitive disorders that were related to vascular injuries have shown that noopept-induced synaptic inhibitory currents improve mood, reduce anxiety and restlessness and help eliminate exhaustion.

The drug affects the immune system. It increases the tension between the outer cell membrane and the inner lipid. The result is an improvement in metabolism. The complex prevents inflammation and reduces oxidative stress.

Noopept is also used to treat diabetes. It normalizes the level of insulin and glucose, increasing tolerance to its increased parameters. It protects the pancreas.

What do nootropic substances affect?

People who use this booster have noticed an improvement in cognitive function. They take the medicine to:

The drug is also used as a medical remedy to inhibit the effects of senile dementia as well as to treat Alzheimer’s disease.

Effectiveness in healthy people

Medications supporting brain functions are used by people who are preparing for exams, students who want to improve their academic performance. Another group to which smart nootropics are addressed is managers, people who have important functions, have responsible positions, have to make significant decisions, and a lot depends on how well they are concentrated. Athletes who want to stimulate the motivation system and need more energy will also appreciate the advantages of the substances contained in boosters. Regardless of their duties and tasks, anyone who wants to improve their memory, sharpen their mind, improve their ability to focus, reduce stress, and have more energy should benefit from the advantages of noopept.

Combination with other drugs

Although the first effects can be observed right after use, the optimal result is achieved after a week of use. Then the ingredients accumulate. It is recommended to introduce a cycle of 28 to 56 days unless the manufacturer recommends otherwise. Just like a racetam, it works well and works best when combined with choline. This enhances its effect.

Components that affect the properties of Noopept

The most common substances in noopeptic complexes are: