We have prepared for our clients a set of products that, thanks to the correct choice of supplementation, will help in a short period of 8 weeks to gain great quality muscle mass and gain strength, and beat records that were achieved with effort during training. In our shop with sarms and prohormones, we always bet on the highest quality sports supplements. This program should primarily focus on building mass and strength during the cycle because the combination of the prohormone Dianabol combined with Sarms MK-677 will lead to a more robust mass and strength. We recommend controlling diet and especially calorie intake as the Dianabol prohormone combined with Sarms MK-677 Ibutamoren will cause a massive increase in appetite and gain a lot of body fat very quickly. We have also added milk thistle to ensure adequate liver protection during this cycle. We also understand that when we are on a cycle of prohormone and sarm, will achieve strength gains quickly, so also need to take care of our joints and that’s is another supplement: Joint


*Dianabol-Thanks to the use of the preparation, the body takes up more amino acids from the blood and then uses them to create muscle proteins faster thanks to increased protein synthesis.The compounds used in the Dianabol preparation inform muscles to remain about the amino acids already in the muscle, maintaining the anabolic state when the protein breaks down. In short, the preparation helps keep your hard-earned muscles intact. The supplement contains many powerful anabolic compounds and prohormones, thanks to which it is one of the strongest and best products promoting the building of muscle mass on the market!

*MK-677 is an anabolic-anti-catabolic mono-preparation containing MK-677 (Ibutamoren) – a ghrelin mimetic used to stimulate the secretion of somatotropin (growth hormone, GH) and insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF-1) and reduction of cortisol. MK-677 also improves the quality and depth of sleep, which, combined with a more favorable hormonal economy, provides excellent regeneration and eliminates signs of any fatigue, including mental fatigue. Another exciting advantage of MK-677 is a significant effect on the change of fat metabolism, which will lower body fat level. In the future, it may be used in the treatment of obesity.

*MILK THISTLE-Clinical studies indicate the beneficial effect of milk thistle extracts in supporting the treatment of acute and chronic liver diseases, preventing cirrhosis of the liver, and cholelithiasis. This effect is probably due to the possible increase in protein synthesis in hepatocytes, resulting in improved regeneration. The advantage of using these preparations is the lack of significant side effects resulting from high doses for a long time compared to medicine.

* JOINT supports the proper functioning of joints and cartilage, ensures proper lubrication of joints, improves joint strength and flexibility, nourishes and regenerates connective tissue.


Use each tab a day for eight weeks; after the end of the cycle, it is recommended to use post cycles of therapy PCT.

 *Depending on our stock levels, products may differ from those pictured.

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