Dark Labs Flame


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Dark Labs Flame

Are you ready for another workout? No? Then you should reignite your inner fire and let the flames of motivation engulf you. That’s why Dark Labs created an exceptional pre-training product called Dark Labs Flame.

It contains numerous stimulating substances, which will give you an extra boost of energy right before your workout. Dark Labs Frame consists mainly of:
– Agmatine sulfate – arginine is one of the most essential amino acids for people who exercise regularly. When consumed, it is broken down into several compounds, one of which is agmatine. Studies have confirmed that agmatine supports nitric oxide synthesis, which is responsible for dilating blood vessels during exercise. That’s why high concentrations of nitric oxide provide the feeling of a “muscle pump.”
– Creatine phosphate – for a long time, sports nutrition manufacturers have been looking for a way to increase the bioavailability of creatine. One way of achieving this was to combine it with phosphate. This is how creatine phosphate was created, which has excellent bioavailability. This is a much more effective method of supplementation compared to taking the traditional monohydrate.
– Eria Jarensis (N-phenethyl-dimethylamine) – there are many hidden treasures to be found in the world of plants. One of the most recent discoveries is Eria Jarensis, a plant with a, exceptionally high alkaloid content. These are compounds that have a stimulating effect on the nervous system. So supplements containing an extract from this plant can provide greater energy levels during training.
– Cocoa Extract – All people interested in dieting are undoubtedly familiar with the wonderful properties of cocoa. It’s no wonder that cocoa extract also has a beneficial effect on our health. First of all, it supports the functioning of the nervous system and, at the same time, reduces stress levels and the feeling of fatigue. Each of these effects is highly desirable during physical exertion.
– Caffeine anhydrous – taking caffeine before a workout is a most straightforward and most common way to stimulate the body. However, not everyone has time to drink coffee before every workout. Fortunately, Dark Labs Flame will make coffee unnecessary. The supplement contains a hefty dose of caffeine anhydrous, pure caffeine previously isolated from coffee beans. This allows you to quickly get a stimulating effect even without a cup of coffee.
– 2-Aminoisoheptane (DMHA) – methylhexanamine is a compound that is a successor of DMAA. Like its predecessor, DMHA has a stimulating effect on the nervous system. Its most interesting property is the fact that it increases the body’s exercise capacity and at the same time reduces the feeling of pain that occurs during very intensive exercise. Therefore, it can help individuals who are striving to enter a new level of training.
– Caffeine Citrate – This is another form of caffeine that provides an extra dose of pure energy. Studies have confirmed the effectiveness of caffeine citrate in reducing feelings of fatigue and increasing minute ventilation. So it’s no wonder that caffeine remains a favorite supplement of almost all athletes to this day.
– Hordenine – Eria Jarensis is not the only plant that contains high doses of alkaloids. Some cacti and acacia species have similar properties. Hordenine, an alkaloid with a strong stimulating effect, is extracted from these plants. Significantly, hordenine is metabolized relatively quickly, so athletes can take it in slightly higher doses.
– Naringin – the effectiveness of weight loss depends not only on a diet but also on many factors directly related to the body. One of them is individual insulin sensitivity. A high level of sensitivity results in a faster metabolism, which ensures more rapid burning of calories. Fortunately, this level can be increased with the help of certain substances. In this respect, naringin, a compound found in grapefruits, is worth recommending. Thanks to it, the Dark Labs Flame pre-trainer will not only prepare your body for exercise but will also help you lose weight.
– Black pepper extract – the use of pepper does not have to be limited to seasoning dishes. It turns out that piperine contained in it has a very beneficial influence on our health. First of all, piperine speeds up food digestion, which in turn helps in weight loss. This explains why this compound can be found in almost all fat burners and pre-trainers.
– Adderall rauwolfia extract – a shrub known as Adderall rauwolfia contains large doses of yohimbine, a substance that causes an increase in norepinephrine levels. Moreover, yohimbine has an effect on the receptors responsible for reducing stored body fat. That’s why Dark Labs used a standardized extract of Adderall rauwolfia in its supplement. It contains as much as 90% pure alpha-yohimbine, which is a really high concentration. Such a high dose of yohimbine will undoubtedly make the fight against excess body fat more accessible.

The recommended single dose is about 5 grams of the supplement. Fortunately, you can easily measure such an amount with a teaspoon found inside the package—mix one serving with water and drink it about 30 minutes before starting your workout.

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