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Immortal Strength Original Sin

Sins are an integral part of our daily lives. However, some transgressions can be viewed from a different angle. Immortal Strength is one such company, which has recently launched a new collection of unique supplements. One of them is Immortal Strength Original Sin.

In its case, the sin apple is Epistane, a compound that functions under the acronym EPI. Epistane is a dedicated promoter of masculinity in the best sense of the word. EPI is responsible for expressing male sexual characteristics such as muscle mass development, increased libido, and enhanced protein synthesis. All of these traits are highly desired by people who practice strength sports.

Interestingly, EPI also acts as an antagonist (opposing compound) to estrogen. Of course, estrogens are female sex hormones, and their high concentration in the male body leads to such phenomena as gynecomastia. Therefore, strength-training individuals can aim to reduce the levels of these hormones as much as possible. As you can see, EPI will then be a valuable ally.

One should also not forget about the strictly anabolic effects of supplementation. Increasing the concentration of EPI in the body promotes more significant gains and improves muscle strength and endurance. Some people also experience higher energy levels during such supplementation.

Of course, not everyone will be ready to pick the forbidden apple… However, if you do not recognize compromise and strive for the best results, Immortal Strength, Original Sin capsules will help you achieve your goals.


The manufacturer recommends taking 2 to 4 capsules daily (at different times of the day). For best results, EPI supplementation should last for about 2-2.5 months.


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