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The new K1ngs Slayer preparation from Olympus Labs promotes the natural growth of muscles, mainly targeted at IGF-1 receptors, hunger hormones and growth hormones.

The innovative formula is based on the latest scientific achievement and the discovery of compounds in the Korean extract from mistletoe, which promotes the increase of strength and muscle mass by as much as 250%!

The product effectively increases the appetite, improves digestion and facilitates the maximum use of nutrients which translates into maximum gains in muscle mass. Olympus Labs used a mega dose of this substance in the product making it even more effective

Korean mistletoe extract – Korean mistletoe is a semi-parasitic plant that grows on various trees and has been used for centuries to treat many ailments. It is believed to have anticancer, immunostimulatory, antidiabetic and anti-obesity properties. The latest research focuses on the Korean mistletoe extract (KME) for use in the treatment of the prevention and reversal of muscle degradation. Research on KME has proven to be very beneficial for athletes. It has been shown that the plant intensifies the endurance effort by strengthening the function of mitochondria and increasing muscle hypertrophy, while preventing muscle atrophy. Additionally, by stimulation of myogenesis, phosphorylation of the PGC-1α signaling pathway

Hesperidin Methyl Chalcone – a sugar molecule naturally found in citrus fruits, it has been shown that the compound has the ability to influence the formation of muscle tissue. In addition, it promotes increased muscle endurance, so you can train longer and harder.

Gentian root extract – a herbal preparation that helps stimulate the secretion of ghrelin, increasing appetite. In addition, gentian root preparations are used in digestive disorders, anorexia, problems with indigestion and as a stimulant for the secretion of saliva and gastric juice.

Rikkunshito– a traditional Japanese plant used in the treatment of, among other things, joint pain and an appetite suppressant. Scientific research shows that this ingredient is effective in treating patients suffering from cachexia, a condition that causes loss of appetite and lean muscle mass. Thus, it promotes the growth of fat-free muscle mass and effectively increases appetite. The stimulation of the appetite is the result of increased ghrelin concentration. Increased ghrelin also stimulates the release of growth hormone, which breaks down existing fat and increases muscle mass.


6 capsules during the most abundant meal of the day


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