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Miami Lean is a potent fat burner designed to precisely shape a silhouette in the shortest possible time. Its powerful formula is based on extremely powerful substances whose effectiveness has been scientifically proven. Thanks to the nervous system’s stimulating effect, the product enables all-day functioning at the highest speed without fatigue, even for athletes spending long hours at the gym. Miami Lean uses the most effective ingredients in optimally balanced proportions. Each of them works on a different path, but together they strengthen and complement each other to bring about the sculptured figure’s precise effect.

Even regions defined as resistant fat zones are not the slightest problem because the burner easily handles its removal. The use of specific substances aimed at burning fat in the hips, thighs, lower abdomen, and buttocks makes the silhouette take on the shape impossible to achieve with any means. Strong suppressing the desire to eat sweets or unhealthy snacks causes that even those who use restrictive diets and weak will can cope with temptation.

DMHA – is a drug that has other names such as 2-aminoisoheptane or octodrine. DMHA has a relaxant impact on the bronchi, thanks to which our aerobic capacity increases; furthermore, it has a decongestant activity (narrowing of the blood vessels, causing an improvement in oxygen flow rate), does not cause “stupor,” and sharpens the senses that could not always be experienced with dmaa.

Cayenne Pepper – studies carried on humans confirm the action of slimming capsaicin. During its regular intake, there are changes in protein groups compared with thermogenesis and fat metabolism. It slows down the transcription of protein genes that stimulate adipose tissue accumulation and stimulates the transcription of protein genes related to the thermogenesis process.

Yohimbine Extract – has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, analgesic properties that support carbohydrate-insulin metabolism, counteract newly created processes, and improve mental health. High standardization of the rauwolscine extract, in other words, yohimbine or isohimine, focuses the action of the product on the nervous system and the loss of unnecessary body mass. Inhibiting the cholinergic system’s performance increases the adrenaline concentration, stimulating the body to act, intensifies the lipolysis method, and strengthens the oxidation of fatty acids in the mitochondria. It promotes the burning of previously-stored adipose tissue in areas of the body rich in α2-adrenergic receptors, mainly the lower abdomen and on the hips.

N-isopropylnorsynephrine HCL- another drug, which is a perfect complement to caffeine, dmha, and synephrine. It exhibits specific characteristics of extending the lifespan of adrenaline and norepinephrine released previously due to the rest of the lean substances.

Hordenine HCL – an amine formed from L-Tyrosine, shows an ephedra-like effect, contributes to the intensification of thermogenic processes, and can also increase dopamine production. Thanks to the synergistic combination with caffeine or synephrine, it significantly prolongs the stimulant action without the unwanted effect of a sudden “exit” and a decrease in energy level. At the same time, it prolongs the time of increased metabolic activity.

Higenamine HCL – affects the production of nitric acid. Nitric acid affects the release of hormones and adrenaline. It is also sure that the product accelerates the body’s regeneration time and increases the amount of blood flowing. Thus the amount of nutrients supplied to the muscles is much more significant.

Halostachine HCL – is an ingredient accelerating the level of metabolic power and fat burning! It is an element with a power that exceeds pure ephedra. It works on the same principle stimulating beta receptors 3. The result is a stroke of unbroken energy, arousal, clarity of mind, increased motivation, strength, and endurance. Halostachine is safer than ephedrine. It works selectively, so it does not show such a high risk of increased pressure and pulse. The adrenaline and norepinephrine released for her cause work in a particular direction – replacements for residual fats’ energy.

Octopamine – a natural substance is originating from the bitter orange fruit. It has the features changing the adrenergic system. It excites beta-3 adrenergic receptors, which results in the breakdown of fat cells in the body. Sports supplementation is managed in fat burners and pre-workout supplements due to its thermogenic and lipolytic properties. The substance also dramatically inhibits the appetite.

3,5-diiodo-L-Tyronine (T2) – accelerate metabolism, increase the body’s overall energy expenditure, stimulate the process of fatty acid oxidation. 3.5-Diiodo L-Thyronine has a much faster metabolic rate than T3 or T4, up to 24 times!


One capsule twice a day. The first serving in the morning on an empty stomach.

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