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TRIBULUS dietary supplements are capsules containing concentrated and high-quality extract from the fruits of Tribulus Terrestris. Tribulus is a plant whose properties were used many years ago. Folk Chinese and Ayurveda used Tribulus extract as a safe tonic and vitality enhancer. UNS SUPPLEMENTS decided to use the fruit extract of this plant and prepare a product that will prove to be a support for intensively training athletes at all levels of experience. The said extract is standardized for 90% of steroid saponins – active ingredients that may prove to be a valuable support for the increase in the concentration of free testosterone and maintaining it at an optimal level. Testosterone is one of the most important hormones for men. It determines, among others strength, energy level, physical fitness, muscle mass development, and sexual performance. Insufficient testosterone levels can cause serious consequences, such as problems with sleep, constant fatigue, difficult regeneration, or deteriorated libido. Therefore, this supplement belongs to the group of testosterone boosters. Tribulus Terrestris fruit extract is also a source of polyphenols. They, on the other hand, show high antioxidant potential, which turns out to be helpful in neutralizing the activity of free oxygen radicals. This, in turn, reduces oxidative stress and helps combat the effects of premature aging. Tribulus may have a beneficial effect on immunity and help maintain optimal metabolism. It is often mentioned that Tribulus Terrestris may affect the regulation of cholesterol levels and help to lower blood triglycerides. Bet on TRIBULUS and find out about the maximum effects!

Recommended daily intake: Swallow 1 capsule with plenty of water. Use once a day.