Tsar Bomba 90 caps Max-LMG 5mg


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Red Army Tsar Bomba Max LMG

Prohormones are currently one of the most effective and also safest ways to increase muscle mass. That’s why people who practice strength sports like to use such compounds. Of course, you can find many different preparations containing prohormones on the market. The Red Army company is a recognized manufacturer of such supplements. The brand’s assortment includes numerous practices with prohormones or SARMs, and the Red Army company has created, among other things, unique Tsar Bomba capsules.

These inconspicuous tablets actually conceal a piece of the Tsar’s power. Their main ingredient is a substance referred to as Max LMG. It belongs to the group of prohormones, although its action is almost identical to popular nandrol. Thus, taking Max LMG will be a much better and safer alternative than using anabolic steroids.

Red Army Tsar Bomba is a product especially recommended for bodybuilders and people practicing figure sports. What are the most important advantages of these capsules? Well, their supplementation will provide:
– increase the rate of growth of “dry” muscle mass;
– The improved anabolic activity of the body;
– more effortless loss of body fat.

Notably, the Red Army Tsar Bomba preparation is characterized by a potent action. That is why it is worth recommending it mainly to experienced individuals who have already taken prohormones. Such athletes will be able to achieve the most significant benefits with Max LMG supplementation.


The pattern of taking prohormones is based on known cycles. One cycle should last from 2 to 3 months. During this time, the manufacturer recommends taking 1-3 capsules per day. The dose should be adjusted individually since the action of Max LMG depends primarily on the body. After completing the cycle, you should take a break from taking prohormones.