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The warm-up

Before a real workout begins, it is extremely important to warm yourself up. The warm-up is the factor that determines whether the training will be effective, safe, and will not lead to any injuries. The same applies to the medications taken before the warm-up, whose task is to give a boost, increase efficiency, improve concentration and blood circulation throughout the body. The products used for warm-up are divided into two categories in our store: stimulants-free and those containing stimulants. Remember to consider your health condition before choosing the right pre-workout product and be aware of the exact results you want to achieve.

Pre-workout supplements can be divided into three main groups, stimulant, stimulant-free of nitric oxide release. Pre-workout supplements were created to increase the strength of fatigue and pain as well as support in achieving better results during intense muscular effort and mental training.
Pre-workouts are specially developed when you need to use an energy boost just before training or mental effort and they will give more energy, pump, and focus.

Pre-workout supplements are a very popular and rapidly developing supplementation department, the main task of which is to bring our body and mind into a state of maximum concentration, give us full energy and motivate us to use our full potential in the upcoming training. They improve our strength and endurance parameters and reduce the feeling of fatigue. By choosing the right pre-workout, we can afford longer and more intense workouts, when we need to motivate ourselves to them after a very hard day or one of those days when it is difficult to gather in a hand to perform the next task.

Pre-workout – what to consider when buying? When buying, you should first of all take into account your training goal and health. People struggling with cardiovascular or cardiovascular problems should avoid stimulants, such as caffeine, yohimbine, ephedrine. supplements and vitamins shop in the UK