King Osta 240 caps(ostarine)


Game of Gains

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Game of Gains King Osta preparation based on Sarm – ostarine. It is a strong supplement that allows you to get dry muscle mass and lose unnecessary fat. 1 capsule contains 5 mg ostarine. A nonsteroidal oral selective androgen receptor modulator (SARM) that has been used in clinical studies to alleviate muscle wasting and improve muscle hypertrophy.

Game of Gains used 5 mg of substance for flexible dosing, so it can be used by both men and women.

Ostarine is the most anabolic of all sarmas and is ideal for people whose main goal is to get sculpted muscles. In fact, it allows you to take calories from fat stores, and calorie intake is delivered directly to muscle tissue. Ostarine is not susceptible to the action of enzymes catalyzing reductase and aromatase. As a result, it minimizes the side effects that are attributed to excessive amounts of testosterone needed to achieve similar anabolism.

Probably due to the small effect on aromatase activity, it may slightly increase estrogen levels. It does not cause androgenetic alopecia, skin breakouts or prostate gland hypertrophy. By affecting the collagen synthesis process it often leads to an improvement in the condition of the joints and skin. Ostarine as a selective androgen receptor modulator, shows strong anabolic activity comparable to testosterone, with significantly reduced androgenic activity. It intensifies the processes of muscle tissue synthesis and improves skeletal mineralization. Consumed at a certain dose allows for a noticeable increase in muscle strength and mass and significant fat loss. It improves the aesthetics of the figure, makes it visible through vascularization and muscle acquisition.


1 capsule 3-6 times a day. Do not exceed more than 6 capsules in 24 hours