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SARM LGD is an efficient, selective androgen receptor modulator, but it has no steroid structure. It works on connecting the androgen receptor, which translates into increased anabolic methods in skeletal muscles, leading to weight gain. It is probably the most potent legal anabolic on the market, discovered in the medicinal field, where it was used to treat muscle wasting in the fight against various diseases. Despite their relatively low popularity, clinical trials confirm its effectiveness at a relatively low dose, which minimizes any side effects of the product.

The research results turned out to be unique because SARM LGD proved to be more potent than the popular and recognized in the world supplementation of ostarine, which is deemed a natural alternative to steroids. The first efforts show this agent’s enormous potential, which certainly can gain much greater recognition and popularity among the users.

SARM-LGD is intended for all those who want to transfer their supplementation to the highest level of sophistication. Those who have already tried everything on the market and are looking for the most potent supplements available on the market. All support fans can also recognize the product as an alternative and a stepping stone from other means. It is not a supplement recommended for beginners, women, and people under 18 years of age.

Pro Nutrition Lgd Xtreme is a hardcore 10mg dose for each capsule!


1-2 capsules a day.

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