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Check out the new BlackSeries Löki hardcore anabolic for advanced athletes and gain high gains in compact, dry and toned muscles.

Blackseries Löki is one of the most powerful anabolic stacks from the US manufacturer. It contains five ingredients in highly effective doses. Loki is a supplement intended only for experienced users who have had at least a few cycles on other similar products. A supplement with a highly anabolic effect that accelerates the building of muscle mass and increases strength.

Löki influences the recomposition of the body composition while reducing the level of adipose tissue. This is one of the best supplements for people focused on building powerful muscles. It perfectly supports the building of the male figure in a relatively short time. There is a noticeable increase in strength, libido and well-being during the day.

When using it, be sure to use the preparation for PCT post-cycle therapy.

Discover the ingredients of Löki:

Dimethazine – many users compare the gains gained on this measure to several times greater than Epistane. Rumors have also been heard that it is also the most powerful agent available on the market. The agent provides large dry gains in mass and strength. The molecular structure of Dymethazine is similar to superdrol (m-drol). One of the advantages of Dymethazine over Superdrol is that it is less likely to experience side effects. In the study, patients were given Dymethazine for 45 days. Liver values ​​did not change for 50% of the patients, while the remaining 50% saw only a moderate increase in liver function tests. Despite this fact, you should always use cycle support products during treatment with such a strong supplement as Dymathazine. D-zine does not aromatize and shows extremely weak androgenic activity. This means that Dymethazine has little effect on the liver and will not cause any estrogen related side effects.

M-Sten – an extremely effective compound with high bioavailability that increases the level of free testosterone in the blood. It affects the appropriate anabolic environment for muscle growth and development. The M-Sten preparation allows you to increase strength, extreme gains in muscle mass, similar to Superdrol. The component, due to binding with sex hormone binding globulins SHBG, is responsible for the transport of hormones and the regulation of their activity in the body. It reduces the possibility of binding free hormones by them, increasing the availability of free testosterone in the body. Provides the appearance of fuller and harder muscles with high vascularity. It is highly potent, does not aromatize and has no estrogenic effects. You can use M-Sten at any stage of the training cycle. During the bulking cycle, it can promote significant gains in mass and strength. During the reduction cycle, it promotes the maintenance of full muscles, promotes high strength and intensifies fat loss.

Alpha One – is widely recognized as one of the strongest anabolic androgenic agents. It can manifest its effect directly or through a 15-20% conversion to the theoretically more powerful Methyl-1-testosterone (M1T), a methylated testosterone derivative characterized by a very high anabolic to androgenic ratio. Alpha-one, acting in two ways, stimulates the pathways that enable the creation of new and regeneration of existing body structures, including muscle tissue and skeleton, slowing down the processes of their degradation. It also significantly reduces the level of reserve adipose tissue. The insertion of a methyl group into the structure of the compound reduces its susceptibility to changes in the liver, which results in the extension of its half-life and an increase in the effectiveness of the compound. Alpha-One is an extremely powerful anabolic androgenic agent, the effect of which is visible in the first week of use. It allows for a very fast development of lean, dense muscle mass and a significant increase in strength. Due to the high power of operation, the product is dedicated primarily to experienced people.

Tren – is an excellent prohormone for use in the summer, because it also builds dry, trimmed muscle mass and reduces body fat. In combination with other prohormones, it is also suitable for the mass cycle to increase muscle mass without unnecessary fat storage and excessive water storage. The preparation supports the construction of high-quality muscles, showing a highly anabolic and anti-catabolic effect. It shows rapid action in a relatively short time, usually at the end of a 2-week consumption. When used, you can clearly feel the increase in vascularization and muscle pump associated with high nitrogen retention in the body.

Trendione – probably the most effective anabolic-androgenic substance included in the group of prohormones, which is capable of forcing the effective development of a solid, dense and trimmed muscle mass. In addition, it supports the burning of unnecessary fat and by preventing the accumulation of excess water, creates a dry, fully masculine figure. The supplement is dedicated primarily to professionals and experienced users. The Loki supplement that builds high gains is recommended for athletes who want to increase strength, improve the overall aesthetics of the figure, as well as the body composition profile with a focus on high-quality dense and compact muscles. It is an ideal preparation for use during fitness competitions and photo sessions.

Löki Blackseries dosage:

1 capsule a day.