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Animis Omniscienti Next-Generation Cognitive Enhancer

Cognitive abilities determine to a large extent, our everyday life. Without a functioning nervous system, we would not be able to perform even the simplest tasks. Therefore, we should care not only for a healthy body but also for a healthy mind. This is very important because the modern lifestyle puts a lot of strain on our brains. Every day we make hundreds of decisions and absorb thousands of different pieces of information.

It is no wonder that more and more people suffer from a condition known as brain fog. It is a state in which we lose our thinking focus and cannot work at full speed. What is more, some people also have problems with concentration. Brain fog is, therefore, a severe problem. Fortunately, the company Animis decided to create a product that helps dispel the fog shrouding our brain. The product Omniscienti Next-Generation Cognitive Enhancer even has its own motto – “Clear the fog!”. This product was created by combining three active ingredients. Each of them directly affects the functioning of our brain. So it’s worth learning more about the properties of these ingredients!

Galantamine (extracted from Snowdrop [Galanthus nivalis])

In the 1950s, scientists first described the properties of one of the newly discovered alkaloids. It was galanthamine, a substance extracted from the familiar snowdrop. For many years, research continued on the possibility of using this substance in medicine. However, we had to wait for the results until 2001. Then it was approved the use of galantamine as an auxiliary therapy in the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease.

This decision was the result of an important discovery. It turned out that the administration of galantamine to patients suffering from Alzheimer’s disease improves their cognitive abilities. Admittedly, it did not affect the course of the disease but undoubtedly increased the patients’ comfort of life. Moreover, the researchers found that the improvement in cognitive abilities also occurs in healthy people who take galantamine. This, in turn, started a new trend of using this substance in dietary supplements.

As time went on, more reports of promising research results on galantamine emerged. Researchers found that it was also a sleep-enhancing substance. It has attracted particular interest among people who are interested in the subject of lucid dreams, or conscious dreams. All due to the fact that galantamine helps in remembering dreams and increases brain activity during REM phase. Due to this fact, people who are asleep much more clearly feel different sensations and more carefully register dream events. In addition, scientists attribute galantamine relaxing properties.

Coluracetam (BCI-540/MKC-231)

The beginning of the 21st century brought a massive increase in interest in nootropics. More and more people began looking for substances that could help them with their daily mental work. Pharmaceutical companies seized the opportunity and released more supplements. In 2005, one Japanese company developed a sense called BCI-540.
This was the origin of the nootropic, which today is referred to as coluracetam. The first studies conducted with this compound were quite successful. The results proved that coluracetam improved cognitive abilities in rats whose brains did not work correctly. Subsequent tests involved the use of this substance in the treatment of patients. One study turned out to be particularly interesting. Researchers demonstrated the effectiveness of coluracetam therapy in people battling depression. So it is very likely that the described compound directly affects the parts of the brain responsible for feeling emotions. Reports have also been published suggesting a positive correlation between taking coluracetam and visual acuity. Researchers claim that such an effect may be due to the stimulatory properties of BCI-540.

Coluracetam is, therefore, a substance that should be appreciated by all people exposed to the intensive mental effort!


As with galantamine, the genesis of centrophenoxine is also related to Alzheimer’s research. Centrophenoxine was another substance that was thought to help patients suffering from the condition. Notably, the scientists conducting the clinical trials were able to come to several important conclusions.

First of all, they proved that centrophenoxine significantly improved patients’ memory. This effect may be due to the increase in acetylcholine levels that is observed in people taking centrophenoxine. However, this is not the end of the advantages of the described compound. The researchers concluded that regular supplementation of centrophenoxine may also provide other benefits related to cognitive functions. Studies have indicated, among other things:
– increased energy levels in individuals taking centrophenoxine;
– improved analytical thinking skills and rapid decision-making;
– improved blood supply to the brain.

Numerous reports have also confirmed the neuroprotective properties of centrophenoxine. In this case, the mechanism of action is straightforward. Centrophenoxine is a substance with a strong antioxidant effect. This means that a high supply of this compound can cause a marked reduction in the number of free radicals throughout the body.

Importantly, centrophenoxine can be safely combined with stimulants. However, it is the synergy of all three components of Omniscient Next-Generation Cognitive Enhancer that shows by far the most significant potential. Such a powerful blend will provide visible effects and help you meet your following mental challenges!


Animis recommends taking two capsules of Omniscient Next-Generation Cognitive Enhancer daily. The capsules should be taken with plenty of water. One pack of the product contains 30 capsules, which corresponds to 15 daily doses.