Centurion Labz

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Centurion Labz Stand Alone is a combination of two strong prohormones. Ideal for people who expect large, good quality mass growth.

Ultradrol is an extremely effective agent with high bioavailability, allowing to increase the amount of free testosterone and to intensify the activation of anabolic pathways, leading to a significant increase in strength, circumferences, and development of full muscle mass in an extremely short time. The product allows you to achieve impressive results, but its use requires a certain knowledge of your body and the ability to minimize possible side effects during its adoption, hence it is intended only for advanced people.

5a-hydroxy-laxogenin or Laxogenin is an innovative supplement containing laxogenine, a compound with similar characteristics to doanavaru, but with no apparent side effects and toxic effects on the liver. Scientific research has shown that laxogenin can increase protein synthesis up to 200%.
Laxogenin is an advanced supplement for increasing dry muscle mass that does not affect the level of natural hormones in any way, thanks to which it does not affect the hormonal balance of anabolic-androgenic agents. 5a-hydroxy-laxogenin is the only non-steroidal compound that allowed for such a drastic increase in protein synthesis in skeletal muscle, exceeding 200%, which was previously a result not achievable without the use of doping agents. In the Laxogenin tests that were performed on athletes, an increase in strength was observed after only a few days of use.


1 capsule twice a day